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China Team and Services

Executive level service to Global Corporations

Our Story

We are the people that oversee the on-ground Quality Assurance Engineers for the client. We are a team of seasoned industry professionals, proficient in all facets of executive client support. In these modern times the protection of your brand is paramount. You wouldn’t trust your global brand to just anyone. We inspect the inspectors, working and reporting directly to the Global Client executive.

We provide the eyes and ears on the ground in China, and we are trusted by the largest global corporations, providing peace of mind with detailed daily reports, videos and photos. We can also report by video link direct from the office or factory floor, bringing real time vision of your project to your office screen.

Our team boast what are arguably the best operations executives in China, ready to serve you.

Red River Group work for Global Corporations to protect their interests in China. We provide executive level management of projects, reporting directly to the Global Corporation Executive, managing design, manufacturing, assembly, factory acceptance testing and delivery to port.

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Our Clients

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